feature, 35mm, 90 minutes

co-produced with: Austria France


Three stories. Three ages. Three men. Grandfather, father, son. One is an orderly, one is a leading sportsman, and one is a master taxidermist. One desires love, the other success, and the third immortality.
The grandfather lives in his fantasies and on cold winter evenings he warms up his freezing little shed with his feverish dreams. Nothing can stop his fertile imagination.
The father stuffs himself. For four years he was the first in his section in the Confectionary Industry. He is still unbeatable in chocolate wafers with an individual record of 2.98 (just as a comparison Igor Vostongonoff was the European champion in Sophia with 3.21).
The son stuffs animals. He was born one and a half kilos. Now he has less than one and a half minutes left. He goes in for something that nobody has ever imagined before.

Based on Lajos Parti Nagy's short stories


György Pálfi Director
György Pálfi, Zsófia Ruttkay Screenplay
Gergely Pohárnok Director of photography
Réka Lemhényi Editor
Amon Tobin Music
Tamás Zányi Sound
Adrien Asztalos Visual design
Géza Szöllősi Art director
Júlia Patkós Costumes
Péter Miskolczi, Gábor Váradi, Gabriele Kranzelblinder, Alexander Dumreicher Ivanceanu, Alexandre Mallet-Guy, Emilie Georges Producer
Eurofilm Studio, Amour Fou Filmproduktion / AT, Memento Films Production / FR, Arte France Cinema, La Cinéfacture / FR Production company
Csaba Czene, Gergő Trócsányi, Marc Bischoff, Adél Stanczel, István Gyuricza, Piroska Molnár, Gábor Máté, Géza Hegedűs D., István Hunyadkürty, Péter Blaskó, Zoltán Koppány, István Znamenák Cast


Brussels Festival of European Film - 2006 Main Prize (Iris Award ex-aequo for Best Film)
Piestany Cinematik - 2007 Meeting Point Europe Award (main prize)
Antalya Golden Orange IFF - 2006 György Pálfi - Best Director
Cottbus FilmFestival - 2006 Don Quijote Prize
Budapest Hungarian Film Week - 2006 Main Prize
Cluj-Napoca Transilvania - 2006 György Pálfi - Best Director
Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival - 2006 Estonian Film Critics' Award
Mexico City FICCO - 2007 György Pálfi - Best Director Award (ex-aequo)
Porto FANTASPORTO - 2007 Audience Award
Chicago International Film Festival - 2006 Silver Hugo
Budapest Hungarian Film Week - 2006 Adél Stanczel - Best Supporting Actress
Budapest Hungarian Film Week - 2006 Csaba Czene - Best Supporting Actor
Budapest Hungarian Film Week - 2006 Adrien Asztalos - Best Art Director
Budapest Hungarian Film Week - 2006 Gene Moskowitz Prize awarded by the foreign critics
Budapest Hungarian Film Week - 2006 Student Jury's Main Prize


Bergen International Film Festival - 2006
Toronto International Film Festival - 2006
Mar del Plata International Film Festival - 2007
Rouen A l'Est, du nouveau - 2006
Thessaloniki International Film Festival - 2006 (in competition)
New York Tribeca Film Festival - 2007
Săo Paulo International Film Festival - 2006
Göteborg International Film Festival - 2007
Busan International Film Festival - 2006
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival - 2006
Ljubljana International Film Festival - 2006
Moscow International Film Festival - 2006
Luxembourg CinÉast - 2008
Los Angeles AFI FEST - 2006
Portland International Film Festival - 2008
Les Arcs European Film Festival - 2009
Reykjavik International Film Festival - 2006 (in competition)
Osaka European Film Festival - 2007
Jerusalem International Film Festival - 2007
Sarajevo Film Festival - 2006
London Film Festival - 2006
Melbourne International Film Festival - 2006
Zagreb Film Festival - 2006 (in competition)
Sitges International Film Festival - 2006 (in competition)
Helsinki Love & Anarchy International Film Festival - 2006
Cannes International Film Festival - 2006
Fort Worth Lone Star IFF - 2007
Seville Film Festival - 2006 (in competition)
Essonne CINESSONNE - 2006
Montreal Festival Nouveau Cinéma - 2006
Palm Springs International Film Festival - 2008

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