Stop my Stepmom!
(El a kezekkel a papámtól)

feature, HD, 96 minutes

family film


Dorka’s life turns upside down when her widowed father announces his engagement. The lonely, imaginative pre-teen girl does her best to protect her father from the dangers of love, and goes on an adventure that leads her to Magic Grove where she finds mysterious ways of magic tricks, friendship and the world’s best step-mother. El a kezekkel a papámtól! is meant to be a sweet, light hearted tale for youngsters and families set in a world where you can beat anything by magic, music and love. The film is a challenging project for all the producers and authors, because it’s the first grandiose, faboulous family musical picture for decades in Hungary.


Kata Dobó, Buda Gulyás Director
András Dezső Horváth Screenplay
Dániel Reich Director of photography
Manó Csillag, Márton Poós A. Editor
Viktor Rakonczai Music
Gábor Valcz Visual design
Ibolya Bárdosi Costumes
Gábor Kálomista, Dorottya Helmeczy Producer
Megafilm Production company
Bori Marczinka, Adél Csobot, Barna Bokor, Ferenc Elek, Gabi Gubás, Máté Járai, Gábor Nagypál, Csaba Pindroch, Anna Pálmai Cast


Hungarian Motion Picture Festival - 2022 Gábor Valcz - Best Visual Design
San Diego International Kid's Film Festival - 2022 Best Feature


Cluj Napoca - Filmtettfeszt - 2022

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