The Camera Murderer

feature, 35mm, 95 minutes

co-produced with: Austria Switzerland


Sonja has found her own heaven with Thomas. However, for Thomas the Garden of Eden is located in a remote piece of the countryside, right on the shore of beautiful Lake Fertő. They are expecting Thomas' old friends from Vienna, Heinrich and Éva for an Easter weekend visit. However, what starts out as a relaxing weekend in an idyllic environment is overshadowed by the news that three children have gone missing from the neighbouring village. As tensions increase appearances cannot be maintained and the "friends" start showing their true colours. Éva and Heinrich keep making comments that unsettle Sonja's trust in Thomas. Boundaries begin to merge into one another. They all have something to hide - but none of them is aware of what old wounds lie just beneath the surface.

Based on the novel Der Kameramörder by Thomas Glavinic.


Robert Pejó Director
Robert Pejó, Agnes Pluch, Günter Pscheider Screenplay
Gergely Pohárnok Director of photography
Loredana Cristelli Editor
Peter Von Siebenthal, Daniel Jakob, Oli Kuster, David Yengibarian Music
Joe Knauer Sound
Zsolt Csengery Visual design
Csaba Stork Art director
Krisztina Ingjatovic Costumes
Erich Lackner, Andreas Hruza Producer
Lotus Films / AT, Andreas Hruza AV Medienbüro / AT, Cobra Film / CH, Mythberg Films Production company
József Berger Co-producer
Dorka Gryllus, Merab Ninidze, Andreas Lust, Ursina Lardi, Oszkár Nyári, Lajos Csiszér, Gréta Hajdú, Attila Egyed, Ria Fejes, László Bolyki Cast


Budapest Hungarian Film Week - 2010 Robert Pejó - Best Director (ex-aequo)


Moscow International Film Festival - 2010 (in competition)
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival - 2010
Graz DIAGONALE - 2010
London Raindance Film Festival - 2011
Braunschweig International Film Festival - 2010
Thessaloniki International Film Festival - 2010
Montreal The World Film Festival - 2010
Belgrade International Film Festival - 2011
Reykjavik International Film Festival - 2010
Warsaw International Film Festival - 2010
Liege Policier - 2011 (in competition)
Ghent Flanders International Film Festival - 2010
Essonne CINESSONNE - 2010 (in competition)
Novi Sad Cinema City - 2011

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