The District! 8D
(Nyócker! 8D)

animation, 3D, 82 minutes



The District - literally, "Eightdistrict" - is an "animated ghetto film". It takes place in Budapest's notorious District Eight, the local "Harlem", home to a relatively large Roma and immigrant population and  the centre of East European prostitution, populated by the urban post-socialist ghetto's stereotypical characters: a white-trash pimp and the group of prostitutes he manages; an accented Chinese restaurant-owner and his teenage son, who is obsessed with martial arts; an alcoholic but charming Jewish plastic surgeon and his geeky son; members of the Ukrainian mafia; corrupt and dumb policemen; and, most prominently, members of an extended Roma family.
The film's carnivalesque storyline proceeds from a Shakespearean romance to a national and global social satire. The Romeo-protagonist - the Roma teenager Ricsi - is infatuated with his white Hungarian classmate Julika. The ongoing feud between the two families, however, which breaks down along the color line, prevents their happiness. The group of inner-city teenagers led by Ricsi conspires to make the two fathers happier so that they will approve of the union. The way to achieve this, as Ricsi is advised by an old drunkard uncle, is to make money.
Poverty, prostitutes, pimps, gravitation, space and time don't matter.
The kids become friends and, with the help of a brilliant idea, fly back in time to draw oil out of the corpses of dead mammoths. The earth under the district turns into a giant oil field; and the kids become rich overnight. It is a thriving business. Special-edition Rambo DVD, five-star school cafeteria, golden Rolex on their wrists, Szinyei-Merse's Picnic (a famous Hungarian painting) for an art assignment. The parents get suspicious. What's worse, the entire world gets suspicious. The huge amount of oil out of nowhere upsets the machine; and the world powers launch an investigation. The circle is drawing tighter around the district.
What will happen to the dream?
And what will happen to love? One thing is sure: the "Nyócker" will remain "Nyócker" forever.


Áron Gauder Director
Viktor Nagy, László Jakab Orsós, Damage Screenplay
Kincső Palotás, Erik Novák Editor
L.L. Junior Music
Erik Novák Producer
Csorba and Lakatos Ltd. Production company
Győző Szabó, Dorka Gryllus Cast

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