The Exam
(A vizsga)

feature, HD, 89 minutes

drama thriller


The 1956 Revolution has fallen. Terror reigns. Appointed by the Soviets, the new prime minister – a very paranoid János Kádár – orders that each and every National Security officer’s loyalty be tested according to new and rigorous directives.

JUNG (30) is a super-ambitious cultural NS officer living undercover as a private teacher. Jung’s apartment acts as a safe house where he meets agents and informants on a regular basis. Jung’s task is to gather information and forward it to his superiors.

MARKÓ (50) is Jung’s immediate superior, and also his only friend. Now, Markó, a war hero and a legend amongst the officers, is ordered to monitor Jung’s apartment and activities for a day to test his friend’s loyalty to the new regime.

What sets out as routine surveillance takes a wild turn when Markó uncovers disturbing secrets in Jung’s life; secrets that can easily destroy the careers of both men.

2012 - Hungarian Film Festival in Los Angeles:
Best Film
Best Actress: Gabriella Hámori
Best Actor: János Kulka


Péter Bergendy Director
Norbert Köbli Screenplay
Zsolt Tóth Director of photography
István Király Editor
István Bodzsár Producer
Unio Film Production company
János Kulka, Zsolt Nagy, Gabriella Hámori, Péter Scherer Cast


New York Gotham Screen IFF - 2012 Gabriella Hámori - Best Actress
Chicago International Film Festival - 2012 Gold Hugo New Directors
Liege Policier - 2013 Gabriella Hámori - Best Actress
New York Gotham Screen IFF - 2012 János Kulka - Best Actor


Luxembourg CinÉast - 2012 (in competition)
Valladolid International Film Festival - 2012 (in competition)
Arras L'Autre Cinema - 2012 (in competition)
Essonne CINESSONNE - 2012
Segovia MUCES - 2012
Chennai International Film Festival - 2012
Portland International Film Festival - 2013
San Jose Cinequest - 2013 (in competition)
Porto FANTASPORTO - 2013 (in competition)
Cleveland International Film Festival - 2013 (in competition)
Cluj-Napoca Transilvania - 2013
Lagów International Film Festival - 2013
Várna Love is Folly International Film Festival - 2013
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival - 2012 (in competition)
Palic International Film Festival - 2012
Montreal The World Film Festival - 2012
Haifa International Film Festival - 2012

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