The Hanged

short, 35mm, 23 minutes


Every country has a history full of hanged people. They are not martyrs or heroes. They are just hanged. Regimes or murderers did not hang them. They were hanged by hangmen. History and fate can make anybody a hanged person.
The sculptures by András Böröcz (Hanged, Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest) make us believe so. The film tries to explore the experience of hanging by connecting locations of hangings and combine them with László Dés' music piece. It is about life, violent death, games and suffering, innocence and murder - for the victims. Without presenting a cast, this film has a story, the characters have a fate and fate plays them as the drummer plays the drum...
Péter Gothár


Péter Gothár Director
Péter Gothár Screenplay
Francisco Gózon Director of photography
Ágnes Ostoros Editor
Zsuzsa, Mónika Lukin, Juhász Miczure Keller Kvartett, Amadinda, László Dés Music
Róbert Juhász Sound
György Budai Producer
Axis Plusz Production company


Roma MedFilm Festival - 2000
Huesca Film Festival - 2000 (in competition)
Biarritz FIPA - 2000 (in competition)
Istanbul International Short Film Days - 2000

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