The Last Picture
(Az utolsó kép)

short, digital, 16 minutes


The owners of two little shops - the boyish Photographer and the mature Hairdresser spend every night one secret hour together: they are having fun by making up weird stories.
One of these stories turns real and sweeps them away - straight into tragedy…
or to the happy ending.

2011 - Budapest, 41st Hungarian Film Week: Student Jury Prize for Best Short Film
2011 - Budapest, BuSho International Short Film Festival: Best Screenplay


András György Dési, Gábor Móray Director
András György Dési, Gábor Móray Screenplay
Pál Sándor Producer
Sándor Csukás Director of photography
Peter Ogi Music
Noémi Mehrli Editor
Péter Mátyássy Visual design
Judit Sinkovics Costumes
Károly Hajduk, Vera Pap, Zsolt Kovács, Gál Vince Zrínyi, Péter Geltz, Kata Pető Cast

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