The Legend of the Fresco Village
(A freskófalu legendája)

documentary, digital, 60 minutes


Bódvalenke 2009-2011.

In 2009, English translator and interpreter Eszter Pásztó decided to stand by a Gypsy community and help them try and better their lives. Since then, a series of frescoes have been painted in Bódvalenke, which now serve as a foundation for the project's plans to attract tourists.

2012 - Hungarian Film Festival in Los Angeles: Humanities Award


József Böjte Director
József Böjte Screenplay
József Böjte Reporter
István Kozma, Ágnes Böjte Director of photography
András Vámosi Sound
József Böjte Producer
Creative Media Workshop Production company
Ágnes Böjte Story editor
Balázs Báder Editor
Mária Terebes Production manager


Lagów International Film Festival - 2012 (in competition)

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