Camino Ignaciano
(Szent Ignác útja)

documentary, HD, 94 minutes


PREMIER (HUNGARY): 2021. 9. 4.

The 90 minute documentary, filmed at historic sites in Spain, presents how a pilgrimage may become a spiritual journey. On the road, a spiritual guide reveals the chance for a new life for four pilgrims who have reached a crossroad in their lives. They  walk the road that Saint Ignatius set foot on 500 years ago, from Loyola to Manresa, and at the same time guide the viewers on their inner journey. With the help of their spiritual guide, the pilgrims can leave behind everything that has been hampering their lives, to be able to put on the new man at the end of their journey. By doing this, the Journey of Saint Ignatius becomes the hope for a new life for them.


Ferenc Tolvaly Director
Ferenc Tolvaly, Zsuzsa Balázs Screenplay
Ádám Pataki Director of photography
Attila Mészáros Editor
László Benczker Music
Miklós Szabó, Imre Madácsi Sound
Attila Csáky Producer
CameoFilm Production company
Melinda Hidvéghy Co-producer
Géza Hegedűs D. Narrator
Josep Lluís Iriberri SJ, Benjamin Beeri, Júlia Kovács, Katalin Asztalos, Balázs Szalma Cast


Calcutta International Film Festival - 2022 Best Documentary

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