The Shadows of the Century

feature, 35mm, 69 minutes


HUSH HUSH LITTLE THRUSH HUSH HUSH LITTLE TRUSH HUSH HUSH LITTLE TRUSH YOU NEVER SING YOU SAY WE SINK MADAME CURIE IS TATOOING HERSELF AT THE WINDIW DON'T STEP ON THE DOTTED LINE YOU'LL NEVER REACH YOURSELF "Hey, I want to stop for a drink... Again... Again....." "That'd be good." " So, what's up?... What will I be like? You won't even be able to get two words out of me." " Just imagine, when I was under the water I had a vision. I spoke to my six month old baby girl in a strange language and we somehow understood each other. I became really happy.
(Excepts from the film)


András Tóth, Sándor Rusznyák Production manager
Ágnes Ostoros Editor
Péter Laczkovich Sound
András Dér Director
András Dér Screenplay
Sándor Simó, Jolán Árvai, György Durst Producer
Sándor Csukás, István Csukás, László Pesthy Director of photography
Keleti fény, Sziámi, Prokofjev Music
MTV-FMS, Hunnia Film Studio, Béla Balázs Studio Foundation Production company
Michael Mehlmann, Zsolt Deák, Attila Róka, Henrik Pauer, Krisztina Horváth Cast

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