The Spymaster
(A tartótiszt)

documentary, digital, 63 minutes


The documentary film shows a slice of the state security operations of the Kádár-regime from a completely new aspect. It is the first time, that a one-time liaison officer speaks openly, moreover about spying on the catholic church. On the other hand, it is set in a new light by the method of confrontation, as an unvarnished dialogue and gives a more authentic picture about the objectives of the state security forces at that time, as well as the recruitment of informers and the methods of implementation.
The protagonist is an earlier police officer, "the spymaster", who recruited and kept contact with innumerable secret network agents. His main specialty was the "fight against the reactionary church".

XY retired lieutenant-colonel, head of subdivision III/III-1-b at the Ministry for Home Affairs
Béla Balás, diocesan of Kaposvár
Péter Pál Reisz, church director, Budapest-Downtown Franciscan Church
József Vincze, parson of Pér

2014 - Los Angeles Hungarian Film Festival: California Hungarian House Award


Ágota Varga Director
Ágota Varga Screenplay
Károly Markert Director of photography
Károly Szalai Editor
Ábel Varga Music
Sándor Faludi Sound
Ágota Varga Producer
FILMIRa Ltd. Production company


Zagreb ZagrebDox - 2014
Lagów International Film Festival - 2015

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