The Time is Fulfilled
(Az idő betelt)

short, digital, 30 minutes


The idea of this film is based on Polcz Alaine’s novel A time for old age.

In a wider sense this film is about ageing, it deals with the relation of people and time, moreover how we can accept the fact of old-age when time has come.

Besides all this the film pays tribute to women who survived the World War 2 and tried to start a family, establish a normal life in the horror, nevertheless it is also the comeback of the Cannes Film Festival's Lifetime Achievement awarded actress Mari Törőcsik.


Emil Novák Director
Emil Novák Screenplay
Emil Novák Director of photography
Dani Szabó Editor
János Novák Music
Ferenc Császár Sound
István Bodzsár, Csaba Pék Producer
Lagunafilm Production company
Attila Faragó Co-producer
Mari Törőcsik Cast

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