animation, 35mm, 6 minutes


In this sand animation film Ferenc Cakó recalls his late father, who was an artist. It is not a traditional biographical film, instead, it is an artistic drive involving the depths and heights of emotions in the labyrinth of society and man-woman relationships.
The search for self-expression, the finding of the inner voice of inspiration touching the muse.


Ferenc Cakó Director
Ferenc Cakó Screenplay
Antal Kazi Director of photography
Magda Hap Editor
Attila Pacsay Music
Ferenc Cakó Visual design
Ferenc Cakó Producer
C.A.K.Ó. STÚDIÓ Production company
Ferenc Cakó Animation


Valladolid International Film Festival - 2010 Silver Spike
Valencia Cinema Jove International Film Festival - 2014 Luna de Valencia Lifetime Achievement Award Retrospective


Cracow Etiuda & Anima - 2010 (in competition)
Moscow Golden Knight International Film Festival - 2012
Brest International Short Film Festival - 2011
Bucharest Anim'est - 2011
London International Animation Festival - 2011 (in competition)
Asolo Art Film Festival - 2011 (in competition)
Padova River Film Festival - 2011 (in competition)
Melbourne International Animation Festival - 2011 (in competition)
Barcelona MECAL - 2011 (in competition)
Tampere Short Film Festival - 2011 (in competition)
Bilbao ZINEBI - 2010 (in competition)
Annecy International Animated Film Festival - 2010
Cacak ANIMANIMA - 2010 (in competition)
Berlin INTERFILM - 2010 (in competition)
Istanbul International Short Film Days - 2010
Leipzig International Festival for Documentary and Animated Film - 2010 (in competition)
Belgrade BALKANIMA - 2010 (in competition)
Essonne CINESSONNE - 2010 (in competition)
Hiroshima International Animation Festival - 2010 (in competition)
Seoul SICAF - 2010 (in competition)
Rio de Janeiro, Săo Paulo ANIMA MUNDI - 2010 (in competition)

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