short, HD, 20 minutes

drama youth


October 1956, the Hungarian Revolution is in full swing, and students in a small town are busy burning their Russian grammar books, believing they will never be forced to study the Russian language again. The revolution is consequently quashed by Soviet troops and the students have to present their Russian book to avoid being kicked out of school. A young boy risks life and limb to help his idol, an older boy from the school, as he tries his utmost to befriend him.


Dávid Csicskár Director
Dávid Csicskár, Máté Fazekas Screenplay
Zoltán Dévényi Director of photography
Balázs Gotthárdi Editor
Anna Nyitrai Visual design
Bori Keszei Costumes
András Muhi, Gábor Ferenczy Producer
FocusFox Production company
Árpád Géza Csap, Mihály Korom, Ágnes Barta, Lajos Ottó Horváth, Koppány Gillich, Zoltán Cservák Cast


Montreal The World Film Festival - 2017 (in competition)

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