Urban Legends
(Városi legendák)

2015, animation series, 3 minutes



Everybody heard many such stories which start as: the girlfriend of the brother of my father told me what happened to the previous owner of the dog of our neighbour's son, or even that the uncle of the ex-tenant of my friend's friend told me that... Almost everyone has stories about his or her family or acquaintances, which have become legendary and spread by the word of mouth. These tales are mixtures of reality and imagination. They may be about the widest variety of people and things - habits, luck, miracles and tragedies. The start supporting the reality of the story then many times turns into such a final happening, for which none is prepared.

Season One: 13x3 minutes (completed)

Season Two: 13x3 minutes (completed)

Season Three: in production, 4 episodes are completed


Kati Glaser Director

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