feature, HD, 96 minutes


PREMIER (HUNGARY): 2015. 9. 10.

Three professionally successful and apparently happy people set off on a trip to the mountains, where they plan to spend the weekend hunting and generally having a good time. István – the construction millionaire, Márta – his lawyer, and László – the lawyer’s husband expect to enjoy a relaxing couple of days away.
But they are desperately mistaken.
When an unfortunate accident results in the death of a local man, initial calm swiftly disperses as we slowly discover that each has their own plan and secrets from the past turn former friends into enemies and perhaps make old enemies into friends once more. Surrounded by craggy peaks and miles away from civilisation, wild and ancient instincts come flooding forth – and it’s every man for himself…


Áron Mátyássy Director
Péter Gál, Áron Mátyássy, Csaba Tóth Screenplay
Márk Győri Director of photography
Dániel Hérincs Music
János Szabolcs Visual design
Sosa Juristovszky Costumes
Sándor Csortos Szabó, Ferenc Pusztai Producer
Budapest Film Produkciós Ltd., KMH Film Production company
Dorka Gryllus, Kornél Simon, Tamás Lengyel, Attila Árpa, Teréz Vass, Domokos Szabó Cast


Porto FANTASPORTO - 2016 (in competition)

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