Who's the Cat?
(Ki a macska?)

short, 35mm, 8 minutes, 1:1.85


The film tells the story of the brutal games four boys play with a cat in an abandoned factory hall. Perhaps, by the end of the film we will be able to decide which one of them is the cat.
The story is set in Budapest, the city ruined by bombs during World War II, but it could take place in any other city in or outside Europe during any other war in the 20th century. I do not know what experiences those children had, what they actually had to go through. I was only interested to find out whether their hidden pain was still there in our memories...

Péter Mészáros, director


Péter Mészáros Director
Péter Mészáros Screenplay
Gábor Marosi Director of photography
Judit Czakó Editor
Eszter Salamon Music
Róbert Juhász Sound
Fruzsina Nagy Visual design
Eszter Salamon Costumes
György Durst Producer
Kép-Árnyék, Duna Workshop Production company
Gábor Somogyi, Péter Zoltán Kiss, Gábriel Kis, Dávid Voga Cast


Zabok Tabor  Film Festival - 2004 Special Mention
Bilbao ZINEBI - 2004 Silver Mikeldi


Athens Opening Nights International Film Festival - 2004
Olomouc Crossroads  Film Festival - 2005
Porto FANTASPORTO - 2006
Geneva Festival Tous Ecrans - 2004
Freistadt "Der Neue Heimatfilm" Festival - 2005
Dresden International Short Film Festival - 2005 (in competition)
Motovun Film Festival - 2004
Berlinale - Berlin International Film Festival - 2004
Valencia Cinema Jove International Film Festival - 2004 (in competition)
Jakarta JIFFest  - 2004
Belo Horizonte ISFF - 2004 (in competition)
Istanbul International Short Film Days - 2004
Manchester Kinofilm - 2005
Targu-Mures AlterNative - 2004 (in competition)
Odense International Film Festival - 2004 (in competition)
Almería en Corto - 2004 (in competition)
Antalya Golden Orange IFF - 2004 (in competition)
Strumica AsterFest - 2005
Giffoni International Film Festival - 2004 (in competition)
Trieste Film Festival - 2005 (in competition)

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