Whose Dog Am I?
(Ki kutyája vagyok én?)

2022, documentary, color, 80 minutes

PREMIER (HUNGARY): 2022. 11. 10.

In this documentary satire, dog breeding ideologies are metaphors for human national and social politics.

The director of the film, member of the Hungarian minority from Romania (in the region of Transylvania), while searching for the perfect “bride” for his pure-breed Hungarian Kuvasz (his alter-ego), gets involved in dog breeding politics. During the story he gets under the influence of different ideologies, like nationalism (when he finds out that Hungarian breeds are degenerated he is trying to save those breeds from degeneration), regionalism (he is trying to develop a new Transylvanian Hungarian regional breed, as an expression of his specific cultural identity), liberalism (when he finds out from his genetic test that he is a ‘mixed-race person’, so basically,  a non-purebred mixture), but because of his social sensitivity, he gets disappointed by all the ideologies - so he fails as a dog politician. But his hope for a better, normal and decent life never dies, and he always finds a new idea…


Róbert Lakatos Director
Róbert Lakatos Screenplay
Attila Bán-Horváth Director of photography
László Dunai Editor
Rita Balogh, Ada Solomon, Alexandru Solomon Producer
Other Films, Micro Film Production company
Róbert Lakatos, Károly Fésüs, Ilona Lakatos, Arthur Lakatos Cast


Warsaw International Film Festival - 2022
Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival - 2022

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