Witch Circle

feature, video, 90 minutes


This drama of freedom "at all costs" takes place in the closed community of the Csango people of Gyimes (Romania), among huts and rivers.
The film is based on a true story: a police officer investigating a child murder case finds himself "in the middle of" the closed world of the Csangos who have their own rules and deal with sin differently than people in "modern cultures" do.


Mihály Dresch Music
Gábor Halász, Gábor Ágoston Director of photography
Gábor Erdélyi Jr. Sound
Károly Veér Visual design
Quality Pictures Production company
Gábor Sarudi Producer
Lívia Oláh Costumes
Gabriella Koncz Editor
Gábor Sarudi Production manager
Dezső Zsigmond Director
Dezső Zsigmond, István Ferenczes, Attila György, Zsolt Pozsgay, Géza Balogh Screenplay
József Czintos, Tibor Pálffy, Zsolt Trill, Erika Tankó, János György Kurkó Cast


Cairo International Film Festival - 2009
Ourense International Independent Film Festival - 2009

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