X - The Exploited
(X – A rendszerből törölve)

2018, feature, HD, 114 minutes

crime psycho-thriller


Who would believe in a policewoman who suffers from such serious panic disorders that she is afraid to get near any crime scene and so has been on permanent office duty for more than a decade? Who would believe a lone mother who is unfit to pay her mortgage and also to raise her rebellious teenage daughter? Indeed, no one believes that this troubled woman has discovered a serial murder case.

Personal dramas and a murder mystery unfold in present-day Budapest, where the demonstrations of an angry new generation are part of the pre-election life of a city; where the historical and recent past still haunts its people, resulting in concealed and horrendous crimes. It is a city where nothing seems honest and true, except an emotionally unstable policewoman and her misfit daughter who wants to know who her father truly was.


Károly Ujj-Mészáros Director
Károly Ujj-Mészáros, Bálint Hegedűs Screenplay
Martin Szecsanov Director of photography
Gyula Mózes Editor
Dániel Csengery Music
Balázs Hujber Visual design
Ibolya Bárdosi Costumes
András Muhi, Gábor Ferenczy Producer
FocusFox Production company
Mónika Balsai, Zoltán Schmied, Szabolcs Bede-Fazekas, János Kulka, Juli Básti, Ági Szirtes, Ernő Fekete, Ákos Kőszegi, Zoltán Schneider, Renátó Olasz, Győző Szabó, Áron Molnár, Ildikó Hámori Cast


Braunschweig International Film Festival - 2018 Volkswagen Main Prize
Porto FANTASPORTO - 2019 Best Screenplay
Liege Policier - 2019 Audience Award
Ljutomer Grossmann Fantastic Film & Wine Festival - 2019 Audience Award
Lima Insólito Film Festival - 2020 Mónika Balsai - Best Actress


Warsaw International Film Festival - 2018 (in competition)
Chicago International Film Festival - 2018 (in competition)
Ghent Flanders International Film Festival - 2018
Brussels BIFFF - 2019
Minneapolis St. Paul  International Film Festival - 2019
British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) -
Seattle International Film Festival - 2019
Taipei Golden Horse Fantastic Film Festival - 2019
Tehran FAJR International Film Festival - 2019
Neuchatel International Fantastic Film Festival - 2019
Parma Music Film Festival - 2019 (in competition)
Goa International Film Festival of India - 2019
Chennai International Film Festival - 2019

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