Yad Hanna
(Yad Hanna)

documentary, video, 54 minutes


The Collective Man

András Lichter and his comrades founded the last communist kibbutz on a carrot field along the former Jordan border in 1950.
The founders of Hungarian origin were loyal to the Soviet Union and the Red Army, which freed them from the concentration camps. They have entered a social experiment without experience, to realize perfect equality. The members shared property, raised their children together, they ate together. The collective disintegrated and failed with the decades, due to conflicts within and with the outside world. In 2004 privatization started, the former members received private properties. The construction of a modern 21st century settlement is being developed.
The film is looking for the reasons, the processes and the consequences of the kibbutz' failure in traces of the former community. How the idea of collectivism is transformed to present day consumerism.


Gergő Somogyvári, Gergely László Director
Gergő Somogyvári Director of photography
György Durst Producer
Judit Feszt Editor
Krisztián Kovács Narrator
Rudolf Várhegyi, Szabolcs Gáspár Sound
Duna Workshop Production company


Ashkelon Jewish Eye Festival - 2010

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