Zanox - Risks and Side Effects
(Zanox - Kockázatok és mellékhatások)

feature, HD, color, 86 minutes

First feature


PREMIER (HUNGARY): 2022. 4. 26.

Misi, a shy 18-year-old boy has been in love with her classmate, Janka for years, but he does not dare to approach her. For his panic attacks, he takes an experimental medicine, Zanox, produced by the local pharmaceutical company, which has unexpected side effects. On the eve of his graduation, Misi realizes that if he drinks Hungarian home-made apple pálinka after taking his medicine, he can travel back in time. However, the graduation night is overshadowed by a crime: one of the girls celebrating their high school graduation is killed in the woods. In order to win Janka’s favors, Misi uses the magic of pálinka to outwit the attacker and prevent the crime, but he bites off more than he can chew and ends up in seemingly insoluble situations.


Benő Gábor Baranyi Director
Benő Gábor Baranyi Screenplay
Dávid Gajdics Director of photography
André Kis Editor
Milán Hodován Music
Zsuzsanna Gyurin, Dániel Molnár Producer
Salamandra Film Kft, Sparks Production company
Claudia Sümeghy Executive producer
Judit Romwalter, Csaba Oskó-Szabó Co-producer
Előd Bálint, András Hatházi, Katalin Sólyom, Lili Erdős Cast

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