The NFI provides financial and professional support for script development, pre-production and production of full-length feature films, documentaries and animated movies for theatrical release, as well as for television productions (TV films, serial formats, shorts, documentaries, animations). Graduation and diploma films are also supported, by providing financial and in kind support to universities specialized in film studies.

-        Script development (synopsis, treatment or script required – selected projects are mentored by an appointed member of the script development division)

-        Project development (financial support given for occurring preproduction costs)

-        Production (support is given for Hungarian live-action- , animation- and documentary features primarily intended for cinema release and television productions /TV films, serial formats, shorts, documentaries, animations/; a detailed budget and complete script is required for application)

-        Support for special projects (applications not related to either script- or project development or production)

-        Marketing and distribution (producers may apply for distribution support in Hungary for completed Hungarian films and co-productions with Hungarian participation - this support is refundable from the distribution revenue; distributors may apply for distribution support in Hungary for films that received production support from the NFI - this support is non-refundable)

There is no separate call for minority co-productions, but all projects are encouraged to apply with a Hungarian co-producer onboard. Foreign projects are only eligible to apply for support through Hungarian production companies registered with the National Film Office (NFO); foreign companies should conclude coproduction or service agreements with a Hungarian registered company. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Within 60 days following the date of submission of the application (that can be extended in justified cases, particularly in case of missing documents) the National Film Institute informs the applicant in an e-mail.

If an applicant would like to submit an application for the production of a documentary film and the submission of a detailed script is not possible, they have to provide a project description that should contain the following:

  • a detailed synopsis, min. 3-5 pages
  • a director’s concept
  • references of the experts taking part in the project
  • a bibliography
  • a detailed shooting plan
  • filmographies, references, festival prizes etc. for the director, the scriptwriter and the cinematographer.

If the applicant submits a script but it does not contain all the above information, the script should be accompanied by the project description. It is also possible to apply for project development support with a script, a treatment or a synopsis. The synopsis should always be attached to the script and treatment.

1) Production companies or other eligible individuals (writers, producers, director-writers) submit their applications to the National Film Institute, online. Decisions are made in 60 days after submission.
2) Synopses, treatments or screenplays are received by the Head of Development, who distributes these documents to readers, the Development Team and the members of the Decision Making Board.
3) After reading and evaluating the submitted applications readers send their reading reports back to the Head of Development and the 4 member Development Team.
4) The Development Team adds the development comments to the reading report.
5) The Head of Production evaluates the financial and production information of the project.
6) These reports are sent to the 5 members of the Decision Making Board who read all submitted materials.
7) At the meeting of the Decision Making Board all scheduled projects are presented by the Head of Development. All members make their comments and vote. Decisions on support are made according to majority vote.
8) Decisions are published on the website of the National Film Institute, applicants are notified via e-mail accompanied by the readers’ reports within 10 working days.

A five-member board of film professionals decides by voting on the applications submitted to the National Film Institute. The board is headed by the CEO of the National Film Institute. The members of the board - who are invited and exempted by the CEO - are the professionals with experience in the following fields:

  • scriptwriting and script development
  • film production
  • international promotion, distribution
  • teaching film studies at university level

The National Film Institute processes the applications in the order of their receipt. Depending on the details of the process (e.g. necessity of supplements), the order of the final decision may differ from the order of the receipt of the applications.

A filmmaker with their first film is not entitled to apply without a producer who has got proper references.
Producer students attending state institutions of higher education in filmmaking acquire the required references with their diploma films or examination films.

There is no limit. The submission of the first application is free of charge. Until the decision is made on the first application any further submissions are subject to an application fee. The amount of the application fee for any further submissions is HUF 50,000 + VAT per application.

At least one film released in a Hungarian film theatre that can be a feature fiction film, a documentary or an animation film.
At least one film invited to an “A” category international film festival either in competition or in any other sections, or a film at important film events qualified as a nominee (see Regulations of Funding, Annex No.2).

The applicant has to register on the website of the Film Fund and fill in an application form. Within five days after the form has been completed, the application file (including all the annexes) should be submitted both on paper and in electronic form to the office of the Film Fund personally. If the applicant fails to submit the application on paper, their application number will be lost and as a consequence may result in the cancellation of the application.
There is a possibility to file the missing documents within 15 days after notice.
If the applicant does not provide the requested documents within the indicated deadline or if in spite of providing the documents his application does not meet the conditions of the Regulations, their application will be considered invalid.

The applicant who applies for support from the National Film Institute should accept and respect the conditions put forward in the Regulations of Funding of the National Film Institute and in the relevant call for applications.

  • Script and film project development
  • Pre-production
  • Film production
  • Marketing costs related to film distribution
  • Special, individual support (motion picture research and training, participation at motion picture events and film festivals)

Applications are continuously open for the support of script and film project development, for pre-production and film production as well as marketing (distribution).

In case of applications for the support of script or film project development, film production, pre-production or marketing (distribution) the applicant can be

1, a company

  • which is registered in Hungary or in one of the EEA states (or in any states that have signed the European Convention on Transfrontier Television of the Council of Europe),
  • which  is registered in compliance with the Motion Picture Act by the National Film Office,
  • which (or the producer) has the required references (see point 6.)

2, a private individual (only for script or film project development)

  • who is a Hungarian citizen, or who has residence in one of the EEA states (or in any states that have signed the European Convention on Transfrontier Television of  the Council of Europe)
  • who is registered in compliance with the Motion Picture Act by the National Film Office,
  • who has the required references  (see point 6.)

An applicant who does not have proper references may only submit an application together with an applicant who has the required references.
A support agreement for pre-production and film production can be only concluded if a project company is established in Hungary solely for the purpose of the production of the supported film. In case of international co-production, the applicant can be exempted from the establishment of the project company, if the Hungarian contribution to the budget is less than 50% and the support for film production is less than 200.000 EUR.
Even if the application was submitted by a private individual for script or film project development, the support agreement can be concluded only with a company.