Hungary’s Rebate Scheme Raised from 25% to 30%

Initiated by the Hungarian National Film Fund, the European Commission has approved the raise of Hungary’s tax incentive to 30%. The tax incentive is available for film productions shooting in Hungary. The film support scheme is extended until the end of 2024.

Changes to the Hungarian Film Legislation

The Hungarian Parliament passed the bill On 6 December 2016 that introduces changes for the modification of the Motion Picture Act.

The Hungarian Film Support System

Feature length films (live action films, animations, documentaries) are supported by the Hungarian National Film Fund. TV content (TV films, documentaries, animated series, educational documentaries), short films (animated shorts, live action shorts) and online content are supported by the Media Council’s Film and Media Funding Scheme.

Hungarian Tax Rebate for Film Productions

Films (for cinema and television) produced in Hungary are eligible for a 25% rebate based on their expenditure (all the direct film production costs) emerged in the country.