Daddy and Other Wolves
(Szia Életem!)

feature, color


PREMIER (HUNGARY): 2022. 8. 25.

The story depicts an unexpected encounter between a writer who is popular but bereft of inspiration, and his little son, whom he has never seen before. This twisted, cheerful and emotional story of forced coexistence will cross the boundaries of reality thanks to the boy’s imagination...


Gábor Rohonyi, Csaba Vékes Director
Péter Szatmári Director of photography
Áron Mezei Editor
István Major, Péter Geszti, Edit Ditz, Péter Roskó Producer
Szabolcs Thuróczy, Mór Pásztor-Várady, Patrícia Kovács, Juli Básti, Anna Pálmai, Ferenc Elek, Zoltán Mucsi Cast

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