About us


As the central organization of the sector, the National Film Institute focuses on the entire film, television, and moving image industry of Hungary. The main goal of its diverse activities is the comprehensive development of the sector and ensuring its long-term competitiveness in the region.

The National Film Institute’s vision: As a key institution in the motion picture sector, the NFI promotes the development of the film industry in Hungary and the creation of audiovisual works with outstanding cultural values.

The mission of the NFI is to increase the awareness and recognition of the Hungarian motion picture industry and motion pictures both at home and abroad.

Responsibilities of the National Film Institute

Based on the above, the roles and responsibilities of the Film Institute cover the following fields.

  • Development, distribution, and marketing of domestic cinematographic works (cinema, TV, and streaming content) in a unified system; including financial and professional support.
  • Restoration of the Hungarian film heritage and its preservation, distribution, and promotion through the NFI Film Archive.
  • Support for the training, education, and career orientation for young professionals in the industry.
  • International sales and festival representation of Hungarian films.
  • International promotion of Hungary as a filming location.
  • Provision of film production services; operation of a soundstage complex (NFI Studios) and a post-production facility (NFI Filmlab) as well as a the “Location Office.”
  • Operation of FILMIO, the first streaming platform offering Hungarian films, both restored classics and current works, online.