Data Processing Policy on the Camera Surveillance of the Premises of Nemzeti Filmintézet Közhasznú Nonprofit Zrt. and the Processing of Personal Data Provided by Visitors Upon Their Entry to the Premises


Dear Visitors:

We kindly ask you to read our data processing policy aimed at ensuring that your personal data are processed in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union and the national legislation on data protection, and that you are duly informed about the processing of your personal data.

Our company, Nemzeti Filmintézet Közhasznú Nonprofit Zrt. (1145 Budapest, Róna u. 174.; Pf: Budapest 1365 Pf. 748.), as data controller operates a camera surveillance system at its premises. Our company processes the recordings (images) as personal data, and we also process the personal data that you provide to our receptionists upon your entry to the premises (your name, name of your employer, time and date of your arrival, time and date of your leaving) on the grounds that only identified persons may enter the premises of our company. Our security system may also record images of vehicles entering the premises.

Purposes of data processing:

  • Ensuring personal security and the safety of assets at the premises of the data controller;
  • The enforcement of the corresponding claim if the recordings or the personal data provided or recorded upon entry must be used, i.e. any action is suspected to jeopardize or result in the breach of personal security or the safety of assets.

The legal basis of the data processing is our company’s or the injured party’s legitimate interest as set out below:

  • The interest of our company that the personal security of persons visiting our company and the safety of their assets, as well as the safety and protection of our company’s assets are properly ensured;
  • If any claim of our company or any other injured party is enforced, or if any claim is enforced against our company or any other injured party, the interest that the data on which the defense or the claim is based are available and verifiable.

Retention period:

  • The recordings are stored for three working days after they have been recorded;
  • The personal data that are recorded upon entry by the receptionist are stored for three working days from the leaving of the premises;
  • If any recording or personal data recorded in relation to a vehicle or entry to the premises are used because of the enforcement of a claim, such recording or data must be stored until the enforcement proceeding is terminated.

The recordings and the personal data recorded upon entry may only be accessed by our certain employees (data protection officer, IT specialist) and additionally one dedicated natural person who is responsible for the maintenance of the CCTV system.

We kindly inform you that at any time during the data processing, you may request access to or the correction of your personal data. In addition, if all the conditions are met, you may also request the deletion of your personal data or the restriction of the data processing. In terms of your personal data, no automated decisions are made, no sensitive data are processed and no data are transferred to any third countries.   

As the above-mentioned personal data are processed on the basis of a legitimate interest, we expressly emphasize your right to object that you may exercise by means of a written declaration at any time. Should we receive such declaration, we will delete all the recordings of you and any other data of yours, unless such data are necessary for the defense or enforcement of legal claims.

If you believe that during the data processing, your personal data were or have been breached, please file your complaint with the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (address: 1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/c.; Phone no.: + 36 1 391 1400; E-mail:, or you may bring an action before the court having competence and jurisdiction in accordance with your permanent address or temporary place of residence (

Finally, we kindly inform you that if you have any questions, comments or remarks on the data processing, or should you wish to read our camera surveillance policy, please contact Dr. Béla Bottyán, our Data Protection Officer, at phone no.: +36 1 461 1403.