The National Film Institute operates through departments. The organization of directorates detailed below covers its diverse functions, ranging from grants to the NFI Studio to education.

General Management

The General Management office assists and supports the work of the Chief Executive Officer and the Deputy Chief Executive Officer(s) as well as the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board of the NFI. The work organization of the NFI is managed by the Chief Executive Officer whose work is supported by the Deputy Chief Executive Officers.

Chief Executive Officer

Ákos Pál

Deputy Chief Operating Officer

Ákos Budai  

Deputy Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

The position is currently being recruited.

NFI Film Archive Department

The Film Archive, founded in 1957 and operating as a public collection since 1992, is responsible for the safe-keeping, preservation, research, restoration, and publication of national film assets. From January 1, 2017, the Film Archive had been operating in the organization of the Hungarian National Film Fund, and from January 1, 2020, it has been part of the National Film Institute.

Head of the Film Archive Department

György Ráduly

NFI Filmlab Department

The NFI Filmlab is the film production studio with the greatest history in Hungary. It has been providing a full range of post-production services to its domestic and international clients for over 60 years, harmoniously combining traditional film development with digital technology. Thanks to its continuous developments, it has state-of-the-art equipment. Its digital services include on-site data backup, digital mastering, color grading, VFX, and DCP development. In addition to the post-production of feature films, TV films, and commercial productions, the NFI Filmlab carries out restoration of archival films as a core activity.

Director of the NFI Filmlab Department

Tamás Bódizs

Distribution Support Department

The task of the department is to provide and coordinate the activities related to the NFI’s domestic distribution in cinemas and on other platforms, to coordinate test screenings in support of distribution in cinemas, and to organize research. Its responsibilities also include the coordination of distribution and marketing support for the domestic distribution of films in cinemas, the operation and content management of the FILMIO streaming service, and the organization of permanent and ad hoc projects.

Head of the Distribution Support Department

Zsuzsanna Jung

Production Support Department

The Production Support Department processes the pre-production, production, and individual applications for film and television production from a film and financial aspect, and then submits them to the Film Industry and Television Arbitration Committee with a proposal for decision. For favorable decisions, the department assesses the application documents from a production perspective, oversees the realization of the project and monitors it from a professional and financial aspect.

Head of the Production Support Department

Ákos Pesti

Legal Department

The Legal Department is responsible for the legal and regulatory tasks of the National Film Institute, is involved in preparing and implementing decisions from a legal aspect, and reviews contracts to be concluded by the National Film Institute as well as contracts related to tenders (including co-production and sales contracts). The department tracks the legislation related to the activities of the Film Institute and participates in their amendment and maintains relations with the governmental and other state bodies of the film funding system.

Head of the Legal Department

Dr. Balázs Csepely

Training Department

The National Film Institute is strongly committed to the development of the Hungarian film industry and film culture and the training of future film professionals, and this is the aim of its training programs and applications. To increase the competitiveness of Hungarian film production, the Film Fund launched the Film Industry Training Program in 2016 with the primary aim of eliminating skill shortage in many areas of the industry and establishing a new pipeline of film industry professionals. In the fall of 2017, the Training Department kicked off its operation as the expansion of the Film Training Program, with many local and foreign experts advising on their areas of responsibility. The areas of development they identified are as follows.

  • Short and targeted training in shortage professions and creative in-service training;
  • career guidance work;
  • operation and development of the website;
  • audience education and delivering Hungarian film content to the younger generations;
  • and research and development.

Head of the Training Department

Eszter Lányi

Technical Department

The tasks of the department are generally related to NFI's internal operational support. These are typically the continuous monitoring of the technical condition of NFI-owned or asset-managed buildings, the planning and inplementation of necessary renovations and purchases, as well as the continuous, high-quality assurance of day-to-day operations. In addition, the department is responsible for ensuring all technical and material condition related to operation.

Director of the Technical Department:

Balázs Molnár

International and Sales Department

The International and Sales Department is responsible for the global representation, festival presence, and sales of Hungarian films as well as their attendance at non-commercial events. With its extensive network of contacts, it promotes international co-productions and filming, participates in concluding international contracts, and endorses Hungarian film industry representatives through continuous networking and information work. It represents Hungary in international industry organizations such as Eurimages or European Film Promotion.

Head of the International and Sales Department

Csaba Bereczki

NFI Studios Department

The NFI Studios Department provides studio, set, props, wardrobe, and weapon rental services for domestic and foreign film and television productions. It also rents out office space and operates the studio sites in Budapest and Fót.

Head of the NFI Studios Department

Ildikó Andrea Ottinger

Marketing and Communication Department

The Marketing and Communication Department participates in NFI’s marketing and PR tasks, builds and manages its media and press relations, coordinates media coverage, and maintains and develops NFI’s communication channels. The department develops NFI publications from concept to implementation and distribution and organizes programs and events. It is responsible for marketing support during film production and the communication of the FILMIO streaming service.

Head of the Marketing and Communication Department

Szabolcs Baranyai

Organizational Development and Human Resources Department

The department is responsible for the professional operation of human resources management, taking on a strategic role in the operation of the organization.

The department's task is to support NFI’s different departments as business partners, ensuring that the continuity of work is uninterrupted during environmental changes, digitization and methodological or operational transformations.

In addition to the basic activities of human resource management, the following tasks are given priority:

  • management of changes,
  • development and digitization of processes,
  • workforce retention, development, recruitment training,
  • establishing and strengthening a culture of feedback,
  • development and strengthening of the employer brand.

Director of Organizational Development and Human Resources Department

Viktória Szűcs