Eurimages representation


Eurimages is the Council of Europe Fund, responsible for the production and distribution of cinematographic works made in European co-production. Hungary is actively involved with the work of the organization.

Hungary joined Eurimages in 1990 and has since supported the production of more than 100 co-productions with Hungarian participation, and the Hungarian distribution of numerous European films.

In the governing body of Eurimages, every member state can delegate a member. Together, they determine the directives of the organization, the conditions of the grants, and decide, based on recommendations by independent experts and professional committees, on the applications to be supported. The funds of Eurimages originate from the membership dues (approx. 90%) contributed by each country, including Hungary, and the repayment of the granted loans (approx. 10%).

The working languages of Eurimage are English and French. Applications written in these two languages are accepted. All important information on the guidelines and support system of the fund can be found on its official website,

Hungarian Eurimages representative

Csaba Bereczki