Ádám Császi's debut feature granted

The Hungarian National Film Fund has awarded 3 projects a total of 134,5m HUF in production and 3 projects in script/project development in the latest round of funding decisions in July 2012.

A Land of Storms (Viharsarok)
Directed by Ádám Császi
A Land of Storms is a story of forbidden love in an ancient, prejudiced land. A lyrical and unsparingly realistic drama of a love triangle: the story of young men trying to find their true selves.
The debut feature from Ádám Császi was developed with professional and financial support of the Hungarian National Film Fund. Császi directed several acclaimed shorts including 7 Days (Special Prize, 2004 Hungarian Film Week) and Weak Days (Best Short, 2008 Hungarian Film Week.
Produced by Proton Cinema (Hu), Unafilm (De)
Shooting: from September, Hungarian locations
Awarded production support: 60m HUF

Liza, the Fox-Fairy (Liza, a rókatündér)
Directed by Károly Ujj Mészáros
Fox-Fairies are female demons found in Japanese folklore who seduce men and rob them of their lives. Liza is a naïve and terribly lonely nurse living in Budapest and it looks very much like she is one of them because all her potential beaus end up dying on the very first date.
Produced by Filmteam (Hu)
Shooting: in-production since 2 July, Hungarian locations
Expected completion: spring 2013
Awarded additional production support: 55m HUF

Stream Of Love (Szerelem patak)
Dir: Ágnes Sós
Documentary-tale of an elderly peasant widower who wants to try his luck at getting married again. As he visits each of the women in the village, the deep and dramatic secrets of body-and-soul love and joie de vivre come to life. Naturally, all with charm and humour that brings tears to our eyes.
Produced by DokuArt (Hu)
Awarded production support: 19.5m HUF

The Hungarian Film Fund also granted 2.7m HUF as script/project development support for János Xantus' Pedalomania produced by Cinema-Film, 3m HUF as script/project development support for Érintetlenek produced by Film Street, 2m HUF as script/project development support for Attila Vidnyánszky's Very Merry (Úri muri), produced Matrix Film.