Ágnes Sós's Stream of Love at IDFA competition

HBO’s latest documentary, Stream of Love, directed by Ágnes Sós has been selected among the best in its category at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA). Produced with the support of HBO and the Hungarian National Film Fund, the feature-length documentary will be screened at IDFA starting on 20 November.

Ágnes Sós’ Stream of Love is a unique documentary about love and lust set in a native Hungarian village in Romania with protagonists well past their prime. Profoundly emotional, occasionally shocking and foul-mouthed, the film explores the inveterately romantic octogenarian Feri’s love and sex adventures with the women in his village, who reveal to the camera their most intimate thoughts and dreams. Entertaining and unpredictable, Stream of Love shows how the love games and romances of a bygone era continue to thrive in a remote rural village.
Stream of Love will make its début at the prestigious International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, regarded as the "Cannes of documentaries". The jury elected this extraordinary film among the best 16 works in the "feature-length documentary" category, making it a candidate to win the IDFA’s best feature-length documentary and the audience award.

"I’ve been making documentaries for twenty years. I’m aware that the most difficult thing is to make a film about positive, witty and charming things. Which is why we, documentarists, are frequently blamed for showing the shady side of life. The demand for films about politics, current affairs, misery and suffering has caught up with art. I decided to give it a try. To prove that there existed such thing as a zest for life and a positive attitude. The three years of work I put into it has paid off. The jury of the one of the most significant documentary film festivals, the IDFA wanted to see what I had wanted to see. It’s great to know that being among the best is not an unachievable feat," said Ágnes Sós, director of Stream of Love.
"This is Ágnes Sós’ second film produced in co-operation with HBO. We are both satisfied with the result. She is a brilliant storyteller whose keen sense of aesthetics and warmth comes through on the silvery screen. The film is charming, brimming with humaneness, love, respect and surprising confessions,” said Hanka Kasteliova, executive producer responsible for documentaries at HBO Hungary.
The film was produced under a long-term co-operation agreement signed in October last year between HBO Hungary and the Hungarian National Film Fund seeking to produce creative, full-length documentaries.
Ágnes Havas, general manager of the Hungarian National Film Fund, considers Ágnes Sós’ documentary to be an important work because Stream of Love presents with endearing humour, beautifully and simply how, as the years pass, ultimately it’s only optimism, love and time for love that matter."
Streams of Love will be aired on HBO Hungary in February 2014.