Budapest Film to release Heavenly Shift

Budapest Film, Hungary’s leading independent distributor, acquired the theatrical and home entertainment distribution rights for the Hungarian first feature Heavenly Shift (Isteni műszak) directed by Márk Bodzsár. Heavenly Shift tells us a story - filled with absurd humor - of a young medics descent to the night, where he gets involved in the funeral business and the only principle attached to it: Death doesn’t choose. Man does.

Heavenly Shift directed and written by Márk Bodzsár and produced by Unio Film is one of the first films supported by the Hungarian National Film Fund. The film will be released in October 2013 by Budapest Film.

"I opened the first notebook about Heavenly Shift five years ago, it is now a cheerful and frightening feeling at the same time, that the post-production is almost over and the movie will be in cinemas this autumn. These five years had its highs and lows, but since we started shooting and more and more people joined the process, an amazing creative energy flowed around the movie. I hope this energy will be transferred to the big screen as well, and the audience will experience this exciting world full of drama and comedy at the same time. And even more blood."
Márk Bodzsár, writer and director of Heavenly Shift.

"I tried to protect the pure father-son relationship by asking my son not to make his first movie with me. A boy does not always respect his father’s advice. I really want a grandchild, but Márk has "only" given birth to this movie yet. The Hungarian National Film Fund was the midwife, Budapest Film will release it with faith and trust, and I hope the audience will like the "newborn child".
István Bodzsár, producer of Heavenly Shift.

"Budapest Film is very proud to present a Hungarian movie once again. We aspire to bring quality films to the audience, like Márk Bodzsár’s first feature film. This is the reason why we will open Heavenly Shift with a nationwide release in multiplexes and in art cinemas as well."
Zsuzsanna Jung, Managing Director of Budapest Film Kft.