Fekete Ibolya and Dénes Orosz projects granted

The Hungarian National Film Fund has awarded 6 projects a total of 476,5m HUF in the latest round of funding decisions on November 8, 2012.

MOM AND OTHER LOONIES IN THE FAMILY (Hu/De/Bg/Dk) (Anyám és más futóbolondok a családból)
Directed by Ibolya Fekete
Script: Ibolya Fekete
A zany tale of a family in the 20th century. Four generations of “fools”, with Mother in the focus, who lived 94 years and moved 27 times in her life. Moving was her only means of dealing with trouble, danger or conflicts. In fact, it was History that chased her on, all over the country and throughout the horrible century. At the demented age of 94, Mother tells the story to her daughter: A playful, heart-warming and occasionally heartbreaking span of a hundred years.
Mother at 94 is played by the wonderful Polish actress, Danuta Szaflarska, co-starring iconoclast Hungarian actress Juli Básti.
Produced by Cinema-Film / Gábor Garami (Hu), NiKo Film / Nicole Gerhards (De), KaBoAl Pictures / Kalin Kalinov (Bg), Toolbox Film / Signe Leick Jensen (Dk)
Shooting: 4-season shooting begins next spring
Awarded production support: 190m HUF

Directed by Dénes Orosz
Script: Dénes Orosz
What do you do when you find you’re not the man you thought you were?
This is the story of present-day Hungary’s most famous gay celebrity who openly admits his homosexuality and fights for gay rights in a society where so many alternative values are denied. But then something happens and he is shocked to discover his growing interest in the female of the species. Coming Out is a daring romantic comedy that examines the question of otherness in a unique way.

The 2nd feature of Poligamy screenwriter/director, a rom-comedy which reached 130 000 viewers and was one of the most successful Hungarian movies in domestic theatres in 2010.
Coming Out stars Sándor Csányi (Kontroll, Just Sex and Nothing Else, Children of Glory, Relatives, Chameleon, Poligamy)
Produced by Megafilm / Gábor Kálomista
Theatrical release is set for December 2013
Awarded production support: 280m HUF

The Hungarian Film Fund also granted
3m HUF as script development support for György Pálfi's adaptation of P. Howard’s (Jenő Rejtő) THE BLONDE HURRICANE (Szőke cikon), produced by Jenő Hábermann, Film-Art Studio.
2m HUF as script development support for THE FORGER (working title, A hamisító) written by Tamás Tóth and produced by Tomart.
1,5m HUF as script development support for GENERAL IF (Ha hadvezér) written by Tamás Tóth and produced by Blue Duck Arts’ András Szeredás.

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