HUF 200M awarded to family-animation feature Being Solomon

The Hungarian National Film Fund awarded production support for Being Solomon, “an epic adventure of romance, magic and mayhem”, co-produced by Hungarian Cinemon Studio with Israeli Eden Productions. The HUF 800m budgeted family-animation feature will be directed by Albert Hanan Kaminski (Pettson & Findus, Babar: King of the the Elephants, Die Schelme von Schelm).

Short synopsis:
King Solomon of Jerusalem, the Arab princess Naama and the Queen of Sheba join in a fierce struggle against the king of demons, Asmodeus, who is trying to seize their kingdoms.

Director's note:
There are two major themes in the story of "Being Solomon". The first is Solomon’s passage from adolescence to adulthood. As the film unfolds, his experiences transform him completely, from a carefree, arrogant young King, to a responsible and sensitive young man, who cares for his people. This is the man who wins the heart of princess Naama.
The second theme is a mutual respect between the diverse cultures of this Mediterranean area, and a quest for a shared heritage amongst its races and realms. Standing, as it does, at a junction-point between Asia, Africa and Europe, the Mediterranean has a unique history, which stretches back more than ten thousand years. No other region has seen the progression of so many different civilizations, especially in such a relatively small area. As the birthplace of the three great monotheistic religions, for a long time, it was the centre of the known world. The strong sense of identity, which characterizes the region’s cultures, has often provoked war, but also long periods of peace and prosperity.
The Hebrews called him “King Solomon”, the Jordanians “The Prophet Suleiman” and for the Ethiopians, he is known as the father of their King Menelik, who was born to the Queen of Sheba after her love affair with Solomon. Nothing but an animated film can so accurately re-create the colourfulness and the characteristics of such a legendary epos. As well as an underlying message of harmony and strong and diverse characters, the film will also feature a soundtrack reflecting the ethnic colours and multicultural origins of the region. Today more than ever, there is an undeniable need to build a common future through dialogue, culture and collaboration, and to give a message of hope to all our young people and to future generations.

Production: Réka Temple / Cinemon Studio & Edna Kowarsky / Eden Productions
Expected release: May 2016