Hungarian films were awarded in Parma

The best film is Péter Bergendy's ghost film, POST MORTEM, while the best screenplay award was won by Balázs Krasznahorkai's first movie, RAVINE, at the Parma International Music Film Festival in Italy over the weekend.

The international film festival of Parma, Italy, ended the weekend with the announcement of the winners. At the 9th edition, a double Hungarian success was achieved.  

The Violetta d'Argento award which goes to the best movie went to Péter Bergendy's latest production, Post Mortem. The film with a special atmosphere and a protagonist of a traveling photographer, has been attending festivals since October last year: it has also won several awards for his most popular genre film musters in Italy, Portugal and Spain.  

Post Mortem (Photo: Szupermodern Stúdió / Attila Szvacsek)

Countless ghosts have been stuck in our world as a result of the destruction caused by World War I and the Spanish Flu epidemic. Tomás, the wandering post mortem photographer, gets to a haunted village after meeting a ten-year-old orphan girl, Anna, during the freezing winter of 1918. After experiencing the strange, supernatural phenomena, he decides to investigate the intentions of the ghosts. Anna accompanies Tomás's exploration through all its dangers, while the ghosts rave with fury.
Post Mortem was produced by the Supermodern Studio with producers Tamás Lajos and Ábel Köves.  

Balázs Krasznahorkai's first feature film, Ravine, won the Best Screenplay Award in Parma. The director wrote the screenplay together with Balázs Lengyel and Balázs Lovas. The film drama set in high-altitude landscapes, evoking the atmosphere of ballads. Levente Molnár was recently awarded the Best Actor Award for his portrayal in the film at the Cinefantasy Film Festival in Brazil.  

Ravine (Photo: György Réder)

Hungarian obstetrician and soon-to-be father Bálint Grassai left his native village in Maramures, Romania many years ago to attend medical school in Budapest. He also left behind a son he never met, the result of a short affair with a local woman. At Easter, when Bálint returns to bury his father, he is faced with deciding the fate of his abandoned son. Simon is now a self-destructive and rebellious 17-year-old, beholden to local gang leader Dumitru. 

On the cusp of becoming a father again, Bálint is wrenched back into the stark and unforgiving world he left behind. The Ravine was produced by AGA Media and Pipacs Film with producers Gábor Szántó and Péter Reich.