Hungary's film support system extended through 2019

The European Commission has extended the film support system of Hungary for another 6 years (European Commission Decision of 12 September 2013). As a result, the tax incentive scheme of the Hungarian film industry continues to be available for foreign and Hungarian filmmakers until December 31st 2019.

The tax rebate remains 20% of film production costs spent in Hungary. Besides through corporate tax-paying companies, the actual amounts will also be available through a deposit account, operated by the Film Fund. The Film Fund collects the money to this account from corporate tax-paying companies in the market.

The European Commission has approved the request of the Hungarian National Film Fund, whereby the annual overall amount for the support should be increased to 18.5 billion HUF (app. 63 million EUR). This almost doubles the present amount. The tax incentive system is available for foreign films shooting in Hungary, as well as for Hungarian movies. Hungary is a popular filming destination, since the country has a wide variety of locations, state-of the-art sound stages and professional crews.