Latest funding decisions

The Hungarian National Film Fund has awarded 4 projects a total of 512,5m HUF in the latest round of funding decisions in June 2012.

Heavenly Shift (Isteni műszak), formerly titled Godly Shift
Milan, a young refugee from the Yugoslav wars, gets involved in the funeral business as a trainee of the Hungarian Paramedics, in order to finance his fiancée’s rescue from the war.
The debut feature from Mark Bodzsar was developed at Nipkow Program and with professional and financial support of the Hungarian National Film Fund.
Produced by Unio Film (Hu) co-produced by Sparks (Hu)
Shooting: 42 days , from end of Aug, Sep, Oct, Hungarian locations
Expected completion: 2013 Spring
Awarded production support: 205m HUF

Mirage (Délibáb)
Mirage tells the story of an African football player in a small Hungarian town, who commits a crime and has to flee. He finds refuge on a farm deep in the Hungarian flatland. Soon he realizes that the farm is a modern slave camp where he is forced to fight for his freedom and ultimately his life.
Szablocs Hajdu, whose credits include White Palms and Bibliothéque Pascal, will direct a cast including Orsolya Török-Illyés and Razvan Vasilescu.
Produced by Mirage Film Studio (Hu), Partnersfilm (Hu), Fourth Culture Films (UK), MPhfilms (Slovakia)
Backed by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund (73,800 EUR)
Awarded production support: 300m HUF

Stream Of Love (Szerelem patak) a documentary by Agnes Sos
Documentary-tale of an elderly peasant widower who wants to try his luck at getting married again. As he visits each of the women in the village, the deep and dramatic secrets of body-and-soul love and joie de vivre come to life. Naturally, all with charm and humour that brings tears to our eyes.
The funding amount will be specified shortly.

The Hungarian Film Fund also granted 7.48m HUF as pre-production support for Péter Gárdos' Fever ad Dawn (Hajnali láz), produced by Dénes Szekeres, Tivoli Filminvestments.