Mundruczó's White God and Zomborácz's Afterlife backed by the MNF

The Hungarian National Film Fund has awarded Kornél Mundruczó’s sixth feature film 280m HUF and Virág Zomborácz's directorial debut 190m grants in production in the latest rounds of funding decisions in 2012.

WHITE GOD (Fehér Isten) (Hu/De/Se)
Directed by Kornél Mundruczó (Pleasant Days, Johanna, Delta, Tender Son)
Screenplay by Kornél Mundruczó, Viktória Petrányi, Kata Wéber
Kornél Mundruczó’s sixth feature film tells the story of the adventures of a girl and her best friend, a dog in a world in which there are chosen ones and losers, in which pedigree is a decisive factor again, but where true affection can triumph, and the minority of the time can revolt against their unjust fate. It is a film made to advocate the hope for peace. The hope that the eternal war of superior lives and inferior ones may end one day.
Backed by Eurimages (340 000 EUR), Film I Vast (Se), ARTE-ZDF (Fr/De) (no closed finance yet)
Produced by Proton Cinema (Hu), Co-producers so far Pola Pandora (De), Chimney Pot (Se), Filmpartners (Hu)
Shooting: from March 2013
Awarded production support: 280m HUF

AFTERLIFE (Utóélet) (Hu) - first full-length feature film
Written and directed by Virág Zomborácz
The story portrays a pastor’s family and focuses on the relationship between the father and his son - but after the father's death. The son has to figure out what keeps the annoying ghost of his father in the earthly dimension. Following a medium's instructions, the son starts to solve all unsolved tasks in order to set the ghost free. This unusual grieving process finally affects the life of the whole family.
2011 MEDIA European Talent Prize Winner project / MEDIA Prize Jury’s Motivation: Virag Zomboracz is willing to say a simple story to a wide audience; but where innovation is a game between film genre -the ghosts-, the light -from bright summer to dark winter-, and the thin line separating drama and comedy. So a mosaic of film styles through a solid storyline.
Produced by Ferenc Pusztai / KMH Film (Hu)
Shooting: from February 2013, Hungarian locations
Awarded production support: 190m HUF

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