Shooting begins on Liza

Filmteam begins shooting on Liza, the Fox Fairy, acclaimed commercial and short film director Károly Ujj Mészáros’ first full-length feature film 2 July.

Plot: Fox-Fairies are female demons found in Japanese folklore who seduce men and rob them of their lives. Liza is a naïve and terribly lonely nurse living in Budapest and it looks very much like she is one of them because all her potential beaus end up dying on the very first date.

Director’s Statement: An emotional, dark comedy, Liza, the Fox-Fairy is a visually intriguing fairy tale for grown-ups. With the irregular use of space, Japanese and Finnish music the movie will have a timeless character and a unique atmosphere. Subtle acting, dramatically important visual games - as nothing is what it seems - result in an unusual, heart-warming film that is unique also in terms of plot and character development.

Liza, the Fox Fairy is produced by István Major. The film stars Mónika Balsai, the leading actress of Hungarian HBO’s recent top series (Társasjáték).