Shooting completed on time-twist thriller-loop

Principal photography on the first feature-length film directed by Isti Madarász, LOOP, has been completed in October. The Cafe Film production was awarded HUF 2.280.000 project development, 7.500.000 pre-production and HUF 280.000.000 production supports by the Hungarian National Film Fund.

LOOP (original title: Hurok) a time-twist thriller

ADAM is employed by faceless foreign partners to smuggle illegal medical substances out of the country, but this time he and his girlfriend, ANNA, plan to make off with the consignment and start a new life for themselves. They are about to leave, when they discover that she is pregnant, and so Adam decides to abandon Anna to her fate, and go it alone.
This is one of a series of bad decisions that send the story spinning slowly out of control. The first catastrophe comes when Adam is forced to witness Anna’s cruel death in what appears to be an unrelated traffic accident. Just before she dies, Anna tries to warn her boyfriend that whatever he does or wherever he goes, their bosses will track him down and put a bullet in his brain.
But instead of reaching the end, the story twists and takes us back to meet Adam again, who is hurrying to flee the country, when he sees Anna killed in a hit-and-run accident. He knows that he has to get away – and he senses that that he may have passed this point before – but this is tinged with the fear that something is far from as it should be. He soon realises that he has become caught up in a loop of events, and it is going to take all his wit and courage to break the suffocating cycle.
The ideas of beginning and ending very quickly lose all meaning as we circle around this Möbius strip and see Adam presented with consecutive chances to correct his previous mistakes. But a new opportunity does not mean a clean slate. And as he battles to save his girlfriend’s life and deal with his determined pursuers, he is forced to face the complicated repercussions of his earlier decisions.

Written and directed by Isti Madarász
DoP: András Nagy
Cast: Dénes Száraz, Dorina Martinovics, Zsolt Anger, Géza Hegedűs D.
Produced by Tamás Hutlassa / Café Film
Shooting: 2014 Sept – Oct on locations in Budapest
Expected theatrical release in Hungary: Q4 2015