SZEURUM will be presented at Karlovy Vary

Marcell Farkas’ exam film has been invited to EFP’s Future Frames program presenting 10 selected works directed by the most promising European newcomers at the 55th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.

EFP FUTURE FRAMES – Generation NEXT of European Cinema presents ten outstanding young directors from Europe with their latest work at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (KVIFF) in the Czech Republic. Well known as a hub for young cinema - and an important forum for the film industry and press, KVIFF is regarded as one of the key international industry events. The 55th edition of the festival begins on 20 August.  

Marcell Farkas

This year, the promising European film students and graduates are presented in a hybrid version of the programme - an industry focussed online event and an on sight presentation at the Festival in the Czech Republic. Recommended by the EFP member organisations and selected by the artistic team of KVIFF, the ten outstanding film students and graduates from schools throughout Europe take part in a three-day tailor-made programme to further and ease their way into the international film scene.  

Marcell Farkas will present his 16-minute short, SZEURUM, to the KVIFF audience in person.  

Peti lives with his brother Zoli. Peti is a severe diabetic and keen breeder of phoenixes. When a meteorite lands in his room one day, a sweet meteorite, no less, he can't wait to tell Zoli about it, but his brother is fed up with his eccentricities. So Peti finds himself another kindred spirit: Irma, a girl dressed in her dad's old diving suit, who makes the meteorites and throws them through people's windows. The meteorites are full of love since, in Irma's opinion, there should be as much love on this earth as there is water... Infused with an irresistibly unsettling playfulness, the film briefly addresses then abandons the problems of the modern world, from an absence of love to pervasive microplastics.  

SZEURUM was the first-year exam film by Marcell Farkas at the University of Theatre and Film Arts, Budapest.  

Director: Marcell Farkas

Screenplay: Marcell Farkas, Eszter Kajlik

Dir. of Photography: Marcell Csillag

Music: Dániel Cziczo

Editor: Zsuzsanna Papp

Art Director: Gabriella Csoma, Bori Zatykó

Producer: Attila Janisch

Production: University of Theatre and Film Arts

Cast: Irma Major, Péter Turi, Zoltán Sas