Vranik Roland starts filming in April

The Hungarian National Film Fund has awarded Roland Vranik 290 million HUF film production support to make his third feature-length film.

The Citizen is set in modern-day Budapest and deals with the troublesome subject of social integration via an immigrant love story. Roland Vranik’s film will utilise amateur actors and minimal technical equipment to portray real human dramas with humour and empathy.
The main protagonist in The Citizen is Wilson in his fifties from Black Africa, who lost his family in the atrocities of war and fled to Budapest as a political refugee. He has worked in a supermarket as a security guard for a number of years now and his one aim in life is to become a Hungarian citizen.
Shooting is due to commence in April in Budapest based on a screenplay co-written by Vranik and Iván Szabó (Land of Storms).

Roland Vranik directed his first film, Black Brush, in 2005 that went on to win the main prize at Hungarian Film Week, while his second film, Transmission, enjoyed international success at film festivals around the world.
The Citizen is being produced by Popfilm, the producer is Károly Fehér and the theatrical release is planned for 2016.