12 August 2019

7 Hungarian films at Sarajevo

6 Hungarian films will compete for the Heart of Sarajevo awards at the 25th Sarajevo Film Festival. 25 years after its original release, SÁTÁNTANGÓ, which received 4K digital restoration, will be also shown at Sarajevo, the leading film festival in the region.

HOW FAR THE STARS by Katalin Bársony tells a story about a self-effacing Hungarian pianist József has an unique talent for fusing contemporary jazz with traditional Roma music. This new sound catches the attention of the acclaimed saxophonist Tim Ries, and the two begin performing together.

THE EUPHORIA OF BEING by Réka Szabó is about Éva Fahidi, who was 20 years old when she returned to Hungary from the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. Seventy years later, aged 90, Éva is asked to participate in a dance-theatre performance about her life. These are the two Hungarian movies, which will be screen as part of the documentary programme.

AS UP TO NOW by Katalin Moldovai

MR. MARE by Luca Tóth and SYMBIOSIS (Hu/Fr) by Nadja Andrasev will compete at the shorts programme. Looking at an x-ray image, a handsome young man is horrified to learn that the weird, tumour-like lump on his chest is the top of a tiny plump man’s head. Nested in the young man’s body, the tiny man is waiting to be born. This is the story of Mr. Mare.
Symbiosis is about a betrayed wife starts investigating her husband's mistresses. Her jealousy is gradually replaced by curiosity. Animated objects and 2D Computer were used techniques in the latest work by The Noise of Licking (2016, Cannes Cinéfondation 3rd Prize) creator.

Two Hungarian student films will also competes at Locarno. AS UP TO NOW by Katalin Moldovai tells a story about hope, which moves us forward. All the characters in this film – the main character Margit, and her daughter Judit – become entangled in a hope-giving lie. Margit suffers from a serious skin cancer, but Judit arranges treatment for her. Margit goes to her treatments alone, her life become more active, and her relationship to her daughter seems to improve.


BROKEN THINGS by Panni Gyulai is about a lonely young child, who grows up in an isolated family, delving into her inner fantasy world. The adults around her do nothing to resolve the unbearable life they are living; everybody is resigned to their fate.

Last, but not least 25 years after its original release, SÁTÁNTANGÓ, a masterpiece by Hungarian director Béla Tarr, has received 4K digital restoration, which will be also shown at the 25th Sarajevo Film Festival. This 450-minute-long movie adaptation of the first novel by the International Booker Prize winner László Krasznahorkai quickly became a rarely seen yet legendary work of art. The films 4K digital restoration screens in Sarajevo after its premiere at the 2019 Berlinale.