About us


The NFI Filmlab is the most experienced film laboratory in Hungary that provides overall post-production service for motion picture, combining the purely digital procedures with the digital intermediate and the traditional laboratory services in a well-synchronized technology.

Our colleagues are qualified professionals with extensive international experience operating top-of-the-line workstations in a comfortable environment. The company is located in Buda, in one of the most pleasant and green districts of the capital, very close to the city center. During the last few decades, the NFI Filmlab has become a well-respected lab in the region by collaborating in hundreds of Hungarian and foreign productions.

We provide on-set post-production services such as data backup, color grading, VFX supervising, conversion for digital dailies managing all kinds of camera formats. Editing can be done on several Avid Media Composer workstations. Baselight color correction and screening is done in 2K or 4K resolution, just like DCP creation. Our digital intermediate services consist of telecine transfer using Spirit HD DataCine and daVinci 2K, and editing with Northlight II 2K/4K/8K film scanning. The NFI Filmlab offers image recording with Arrilaser and optical sound recording on MWA LLK3 laser optical sound camera for the production of traditional 35 mm prints.


The first high resolution special effect in Hungary was created on the VFX studio of the NFI Filmlab in 1998. The studio offers 3D animation and effects, compositing, digital restoration among other graphic design works. They create complete visual identities from simple retouches to challenging interferences, creating cutting edge results. Upon request they contribute to the preproduction of projects with on-set assistance.

The  internationally known Hungarian filmmakers as well as the wide European and the overseas clientele, just as the huge number of award winning features attest to the fact that film post production services are performed with professionalism and at the highest standard required by the international motion picture industry.

Company Data

Name of the Firm:  NFI Fimlab, Division of the National Film Institute Nonprofit Private Share Company
Shortened name of the firm: NFI Filmlab
Address of the firm: Hungary 1145 Róna utca 174.
Address of the NFI Filmlab: Hungary 1021 Budapest, Budakeszi út 51.
Phone: +36 1 391 0500
E-mail: filmlab@nfi.hu