NFI Studios

NFI Studios

NFI Studios

It has been the largest and most significant film studio in Hungary and a strategic base for the Hungarian film industry. The importance of the place is also enhanced by the fact that there are almost no Hungarian filmmakers who have not learned the basics of film profession here since more than 100 years.

The Róna Street Site

The most iconic venue in the Hungarian film industry, its current address is 174 Róna utca, the former film studio on Lumumba Street, the "Colony 1", the Hunnia, the "Film Factory". In October 1917, Sándor Korda established the first studio base of Hungarian film production under this name, Corvin Filmstúdió. We currently have two studios that are suitable for recording smaller film and television productions. The newly renovated III-IV studio with the oldest cinematic traditions awaits the creators of film and television productions on 830 m2 and the H studio on 385 m2.

Current description and services of NFI Studios

The unique NFI Studio complex – widely known as MAFILM Fót – is located on a 23 hectares plot in Fót and has long been a base for film production. NFI Mafilm offers world-class medieval town and WWII barracks backlots. Beside backlots and soundstages, Mafilm is operating a wide range of sets and props, over 100 000 pieces of wardrobe, accessories, and a large inventory of weapons. The studios are on the outskirts of the Hungarian capital, 30 minutes drive from Liszt Ferenc Airport or 20 minutes from the city centre. As its latest expansion, Mafilm offers continental Europe’s largest outdoor water tank which was used for filming Blade Runner 2049 and Terminator: Dark Fate recently. The giant tank (47m x 39m at a depth of 2m with an inner tank 20m x 15m at a depth of 5,5m) was especially designed for large and deep sets. In addition to countless Hungarian films, such world - famous works have recently been shot in Fót as The King, The Witcher and The Last Kingdom.

Expansion at NFI Studios

In Hungary, the development of the studio from the largest state source of all time can be implemented, which we will increase the capacity of the Fót studio almost fivefold. The aim of this is to satisfy the growing studio demand of Hungarian-made film productions in the future. During the expansion of the studio complex, 4 new film studios will be built, which will increase the current studio capacity of 2,670 m2 with a total useful floor area of ​​10,000 m2, so that 12,670 m2 will eventually be available for productions. An important quality feature of the development is that 2-2 of the 4 new studios can be connected, so 5,500 m2 is available in one unit, thus it can serve the needs of high-volume productions even in parallel. A representative reception building will also be built with a 40-seat projector, and in addition to the new studios, the Fót site will be expanded with a 3,000 m2 office building, three restaurant buildings and a storage capacity of 7,300 m2 to serve productions. In addition to the new constructions, the investment will include the renovation and development of the existing buildings, the energy system and the internal road and utility network. The construction works will be implemented in several stages. The completion of the complete development is scheduled to the end of 2023.

Contact details:

Manager: Ildikó Ottinger,, +36-(1)-220-5419

Financial administrator: Gabriella Muránszky,, +36-(1)-252-2870, +36-(20)-508-6889

Head of secretariat: Zsófia Bauer,, +36-(1)-252-2870, +36-(20)-381-6125

Production manager: Detre Klacsmann,, +36-(1)-220-5419, +36-(30)-422-8492

Site manager (Róna street): Zsolt Sziráki,, +36-(20)-508-7033

Site manager (Fót): István Kukla,, +36-(27)-535-206

Operations manager: Gábor Horváth,, +36-(1)-251-6569

Costume manager: Ágnes Tóth,, +36-(27)-539-960, +36(20)-266-4627

Set dressing/Prop: István Tóth, +36-(30)-951-3884

Pyrotechnics: Gyula Krasnyánszki, +30-(30)-919-6805