Expansion at NFI studios

Hungary’s historical soundstage complex in Fót will be expanded in a large-scale investment project. As a part of its economic protection programme, the Hungarian Government decided to develop National Film Institute’s NFI Studios increasing its capacity to 12,200 square meters. The high priority expansion project will serve both international and increasing demand of Hungarian productions in the future and create hundreds of new jobs. 

Four new 2500 sqm soundstages will be built on 10,000 sqm increasing total studio capacity to 12,670 sqm. In addition, the new studios could be used in pairs as two 4800 sqm stages. The expansion is allowing NFI Studios to attract and host large-scale blockbuster productions while still providing world-class facilities for TV and film projects. The new soundstages are designed to be flexible enough to accommodate a variety of types of productions and will be in proximity on the lot to the backlot sets and support facilities like props and transportation. 

Soundstage occupancy rates reached critical mass in Hungary in recent years. The expansion allows providing more soundstage space to meet increasing demands. 

Within the framework of the government’s economic protection action plan the Fót production hub expansion will be Hungary’s largest state-funded film studio development project.

The unique NFI Studios complex is located on a 23 hectares plot in Fót and has long been a base for film production. NFI Sudios offers world-class medieval town, Western village, American suburb and and backlots. Beside backlots and soundstages, NFI Studios are operating a wide range of sets and props, over 100 000 pieces of wardrobe, accessories, and a large inventory of weapons. The studios are on the outskirts of the Hungarian capital, 30 minutes drive from Liszt Ferenc Airport or 20 minutes from the city centre.

As its latest expansion, NFI Studios offer continental Europe’s largest outdoor water tank which was used for filming Blade Runner 2049 and Terminator: Dark Fate recently. The giant tank (47m x 39m at a depth of 2m with an inner tank 20m x 15m at a depth of 5,5m) was especially designed for large and deep sets.

 The Hungarian film industry is a successful sector of the Hungarian economy. Since 2017 the volume of film production spending reached HUF 100 billion per year in Hungary, the industry's contribution to the GDP is one of the highest in Europe. After London, Budapest is the most popular place to shoot films in Europe. Films (for cinema, television, other platforms) produced in Hungary are eligible for a 30% rebate based on their expenditure emerged in the country. 

Hungary is serving as a filming location dozens of exciting new productions, including some of Hollywood’s biggest movies, Netflix’s hottest new shows and several indie darlings.

Studio Square feet Lenght Width Height Flooring
M1/A 2311 m2 59,2 m 40,2 m 15 m concrete floor
M1/B 2312 m2 59,2 m 40,2 m 15 m concrete floor
M1/A+B connected 4945 m2 84,75 m 59,2 m 15 m



Studio Square feet Lenght Width Height Flooring
M2/A 2313 m2 59,2 m 40,2 m 18 m concrete floor
M2/B 2314 m2 59,2 m 40,2 m 18 m concrete floor
M2/A+B connected 4945 m2 84,75 m 59,2 m 18 m
Address: 2151 Fót, Keleti Márton Street 16.
A total of 10,880 m2 of service facilities will be built for the new studios.