Feature films 2019/2018

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A Kind of America 3. (Valami Amerika 3.)

(2018, feature, color, 103 minutes, DolbyDigital)
comedy, feature

Bad Poems (Rossz versek)

(2018, feature, HD, color, 95 minutes, 1:1,85)
co-produced with:France
drama, comedy, feature

Blossom Valley (Virágvölgy)

(2018, feature, color, 83 minutes)

Genesis (Genezis)

(2018, feature, digital, color, 120 minutes)

Happy New Year (BÚÉK)

(2018, feature, 114 minutes)

Hier (Tegnap)

(2018, feature, 118 minutes)
co-produced with:France, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Morocco

His Master’s Voice (Az Úr hangja)

(2018, feature, digital, color, 108 minutes, DolbySRD)
co-produced with:Hungary, Canada
drama, feature

Lajko - Gypsy in Space (Lajkó - Cigány az űrben)

(2018, feature, HD, color, 90 minutes)

One Day (Egy nap)

(2018, feature, color, 99 minutes)

Open (Nyitva)

(2018, feature, color, 98 minutes, DolbyDigital)
comedy, romantic comedy, romance, feature

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