Sales catalogue 2019/2018

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Comrade Drakulich (Drakulics elvtárs)

(2019, feature, color, 95 minutes, DolbyDigital)
black comedy

Flat For Fun (Kölcsönlakás)

(2019, feature, color)
comedy, romance

Guerilla (Guerilla)

(2019, feature, 86 minutes)

Tall Tales (Apró mesék)

(2019, feature, color, 112 minutes, DolbyDigital)
history, thriller, romance

A Kind of America 3. (Valami Amerika 3.)

(2018, feature, color, 103 minutes, DolbyDigital)
comedy, feature

Easy Lessons (Könnyű leckék)

(2018, documentary, 78 minutes)

Entropia (Entropia)

(2018, animation, color, 10 minutes)
animated, coming-of-age, short film, fantasy, sci-fi

Forty Years (Negyven év)

(2018, short, HD, 16 minutes)
short film

Genesis (Genezis)

(2018, feature, digital, color, 120 minutes)

Happy New Year (BÚÉK)

(2018, feature, 114 minutes)

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