Blokád Original title
drama Genre
2022 Release
104 min Runtime
Ádám Tősér Director
Tamás Lajos Producer
Attila Vidnyánszky jr., Zoltán Seress, Tibor Gáspár, László Szacsvay, András Sütő, Ildikó Tóth Cast


József Antall, only six months after his induction as Prime Minister of the first democratic government following the 1989 change of the Communist regime, faces the most difficult test of his life. Taxi drivers protest against the drastic rise in petrol prices by the House of the National Assembly. Quickly disillusioned with democracy, they blockade the city of Budapest, and soon after the whole country. The film is not only the chronicle of the four days of the taxi blockade: it shows the battles and bargains behind the scenes, and the private life of a Prime Minister dealing with crisis, fighting for democracy.