Bullhorn Lullaby


Becsúszó szerelem Original title
romance/comedy Genre
2021 Release
HD Format
96 min Runtime
Viktor Oszkár Nagy Director
Marcell Gerő, Sára László Producer
András Ötvös, Viola Lotti Gombó, Angéla Stefanovics, Szabolcs Thuróczy Cast


A hardcore soccer ultra, Gyula, and his wife, Mariann, long for a baby. But it turns out that Gyula is sterile and when their plans to adopt also go up in smoke, Mariann does a deal behind her husband’s back: they will take in the soon to be born child of a young Roma woman. The ensuing state of affairs turns all of their lives upside down. While Gyula has to continually hide the truth from his racist friends, surprises await him in his private life, and when Cupid’s arrow strikes him from the most unexpected direction, he is faced with both comical situations and acute moral dilemmas.